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2023 Home Trends On The Rise

Thursday, December 15, 2022   /   by Ana Baldner

2023 Home Trends On The Rise

With 2023 just two weeks away, we can see the small shifts already occurring in home and design. The lifestyle changes that occurred due to the pandemic continue to have their hold on what is needed in the home. Cutting down on expenses and conserving resources are underlying motivations for most home design trends. As you start to think about your holiday wish list, here are some home trends that experts think we will see next year. 

Home Office Focused

One of the everlasting effects of the pandemic will most likely always be a hybrid work environment. It’s here to stay, and many people are making changes to their home office as a result. Many are craving interaction even within their home space. Open/partially open offices with windows for a view are becoming more and more common as people are still finding out.

Induction Cooking

Though this change will be gradual, many are finding the several benefits of switching from gas to induction. Water boils faster, food cooks quicker, and you have more control over the heat level. Additionally, it's much easier to clean. Many cities are also banning natural gas hookups in new homes to reduce fossil fuel emissions. 

Eco-friendly Options

Overall, many homes are making the shift to be more eco-friendly. Locally we see energy efficient windows and solar panels being installed to take advantage of our consistent sunny days.

Cozier Comfort W/ Nostalgia

Although in recent years we’ve seen a lean towards modern and sleek designs, in 2023 we are going to see some shifting to cozier designs. Examples of these trends are patterned wallpaper, upholstered headboards, and patterned rugs, a very 50’s and 60’s inspired lounge style to invite people in and create a comfortable space to hang out.

More Natural And Personalized Interiors

Similarly, homeowners are also gravitating towards more personalized interior designs. Live plants and warm colors from the clay color palette are taking hold. Décor is beginning to embrace personalized design by displaying mementos, heirlooms and family items, a sharp contrast to the minimalism that took place in 2020-2021 during the pandemic. 

New Counter Preferences

Every couple years we see a new countertop surface take center stage. The latest popular options seem to be Dekton and Neolith surfaces. They are a combination of minerals that form a solid surface that can resemble marble and other high-end options. This surface can't be scratched, burned or stained making them a popular option, especially considering they are resistant to fading.

What seems to be leaving the Trend Chart? Several trends are also taking their last bows recently. Homeowners are straying away from trends that are less functional to today’s busy routines

Shaggy Carpet: While they do make a statement, they are also hard to keep clean and aren't practical when you take into account kids, pets or living by the beach.

Gray Cabinets: They had a long run there for a moment. Everyone loved how simple. calming and sleek they looked in a busy space like the kitchen. However, many homeowners are shifting to warmer hues to make the space more inviting and cozy. 

Open Shelves: Although open shelves create a very aesthetic kitchen look, to put it simply, it's just not practical. Traditional closed cabinets are better and keep items concealed. Especially since nowadays interior organization systems are on the rise which help arrange contents neatly the way many people aim for.

2023 is going to be a very exciting year! As trends are all shifting to be cozier and more welcoming, many are searching for their individual style through their home décor.

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