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4 Easy Fixes to Make After Getting Your Home Inspection Report Back

Thursday, November 4, 2021   /   by Flr Team

4 Easy Fixes to Make After Getting Your Home Inspection Report Back

When you get the inspector’s report back for a home, the list can often be overwhelming and leave you wondering if you should back out of buying the home altogether. But, many of the “problems” could actually be relatively simple fixes that won’t break the bank.

Here are a few easy fixes that you can make after you close:

Home inspectors typically test every single outlet and light switch in a home, and sometimes they come across one or two that don’t work. Before hiring an electrician to take a closer look, try swapping out the light bulb. In some instances. A light could be written up as faulty when it could just be a dead lightbulb. 

Your inspector may identify a leaky faucet, but you can typically solve this problem with a little online research. Or, if the faucet is simply old, replacing it may address the issue too, and with a little youtubing, it can be surprisingly easy to do.

Plumbing issues also tend to be relatively simple updates, like replacing a gasket, re-sealing a connection, or tightening a packing nut. 

Your inspector may find evidence of water pooling on the concrete or the ground below the gutters. If he finds water damage in your foundation, that’s a more involved fix. But if not, you can prevent future water damage from occurring by cleaning out the gutters regularly and adding downspout extenders, which are usually easy to install.

Cracks and holes in the drywall, as well as small interior wall cracks can result from normal settling or damage from previous owners. Drywall can easily be patched up with inexpensive materials and tools from the hardware store.

Don’t let the long list of what seems like “red flags” on an inspection report scare you. With the help of family and friends, and a few experienced professionals, you should be able to work through most issues on the report quickly and affordably. 

If you need help determining if there are any major repairs of concern or that could put a big dent in your pocket, reach out to your REALTOR. Some things may be able to be negotiated in your contract, leaving you more at ease and more comfortable with your purchase.

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