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5 Reasons to Sell Your Home This Spring

Wednesday, March 10, 2021   /   by Flr Team

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home This Spring

When preparing to sell your home, the majority of homeowners hope for a quick and profitable transaction that puts them in a position to make a great move. If you’re waiting for the best time to win as a seller, the market is calling your name this Spring. 

Here are five reasons why this is the perfect time to sell your home!
  • There’s high demand from homebuyers
    • The buyer demand is strong right now. According to ShowingTime, which tracks the average number of buyer showings, buyer showings are up 52.5% compared to last year.
  • There aren’t enough homes for sale
    • With demand being so high, the market is running out of available homes for sale. When there is a huge imbalance between buyer demand and low supply, it gives the sellers the advantage. 
  • You have a lot of leverage in today’s market
    • People are interested in buying more than selling which speaks to the ultimate sellers market. When this happens, homeowners are again, having the upperhand in negotiations.
  • It is a great way to use your home equity
    • Equity is a type of forced savings that grows during your time as a homeowner and can be put toward bigger goals like buying your next dream home. Over the past year, the average homeowner gained $17,000 which continues to grow as home values appreciate. 
  • It’s a chance to find a home that meets your needs
    • Over the past year, you’ve probably learned how important your home is to you and may have found that it does not fit your lifestyle anymore. (ie, needing additional space for working, in-home gym and/or play room for the kids).
Bottom line, the housing market belongs to the seller's right now. If you have been contemplating making a move but are waiting for the perfect time, that time is now! Contact a Real Estate professional today to discuss your options and learn how they can position you to win when you sell your house this Spring!

Elise Johnson