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A Seller's Guide: Is Your Home Market-Ready?

Thursday, May 5, 2022   /   by Katy Foster

A Seller's Guide: Is Your Home Market-Ready?

Many homeowners that are wanting to sell are concerned about how long the amount of work it will take to get their home move-in ready before listing it for sale. In today’s housing market, homes might be closer than you think to being market-ready. 

A survey of recent sellers from realtor.com found that many homeowners have been able to get their home ready in less than a month. The report stated, “with many homeowners expecting the sale to go quick, and a lot of contingencies getting excluded, preparing homes for the market took less than a month for over 50% of home sellers this past year, with 20% completing it in less than two weeks.”

With mortgage rates and home prices rising, buyers in today’s market are serious about quickly finding a home. But, there are very few options for buyers to choose from with the limited number of homes for sale. This means that many buyers are snatching up the best they can get and are willing to take on projects after purchasing the home. 

For sellers, this means you may be able to spend less time getting your home move-in ready before putting it on the market. According to realtor.com’s survey mentioned above, landscaping, making minor cosmetic updates (light fixtures, faucets, etc.), and freshening up paint are some of the top things recent sellers completed before listing their home over the past year.

Although all seller’s situations are different, it’s important to know what repairs or updates your home needs to stand out in your local area. Demand can vary from one neighborhood to the next, so working with a local real estate professional can help determine an ideal listing price and help you identify the places where you should and shouldn’t spend your time and money before putting your home on the market. 

If you’re ready to sell your home, but are worried about how long it will take to get it market-ready, you may be closer than you think. Contact our team at Florida Lifestyle Realty to see what you need to do before listing your home in today’s market.

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