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Best Ways to Make a Small Room Look Spacious

Thursday, June 16, 2022   /   by Ana Baldner

Best Ways to Make a Small Room Look Spacious

Having a small space can be frustrating, especially when it’s your living room or bedroom. We all love a big airy room to relax in. But you don't have to start a full home renovation just to open up a room. There are more affordable and less invasive ways to make a room look bigger. From the furniture you buy to the colors you use, you can easily achieve a spacious room without having to break down a wall.

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or simply want to refresh an old space, here are some tips to trick guests into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is:


First off, move your furniture away from walkways. When obstacles sit in the natural path of a room, it cuts off the flow of the space. Spaces appear smaller when guests have to maneuver around the furniture. Moving furniture away from these paths will instantly help. 

Changing your furniture can have the biggest effect on the perceived size of your space. Your furniture must fit the room. Oversized furniture can make a room feel claustrophobic. Opt for a few large simple pieces instead of multiple small ones. Too many items of furniture can make your area look cluttered. The best visually appealing living room setting tends to be a large couch against a wall with an accent chair(s) placed diagonally next to it. Diagonals pull the eye towards the back of the space in an optical illusion.

Another helpful optical illusion is to have pieces with exposed legs. Light travels through and under the furniture, drawing the eye upward and making the area look less cluttered. This doesn't mean that every table, couch or nightstand in your room needs to have exposed legs, but including a couple of this type of furniture will go a long way. 


The décor you use to accessorize a room makes a big impact on its size. Being the oldest trick in the book, mirrors are an easy and simple way to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is. It reflects its surroundings and plays with the perceived depth of a space. Even better, strategically placing them on a wall that doesn't get much natural light helps even more since it bounces the light caught from any windows. 

A similar trick can be used with tables. By opting for a glass table top or a transparent coffee table, guests can see farther through the depth of the space, making it seem bigger.

But what about rooms with little natural light? Lamps can be your best friend in this situation. Don’t just rely on the overhead light, use multiple sources of light from different places around the room in order to create depth. 


It's no secret that dark colors can make a room feel small and stuffy. When painting your space white it reflects the natural light, making it feel airy and larger. The color white also makes the wall appear to blend into the ceiling, drawing the eye upwards and making the walls seem taller. Some people aren’t the biggest fan of white walls. If this is you, go for light shades of green and blue for a similar effect. Ultimately, opt for lighter shades instead of dark to brighten and expand your space. 

Keep It Simple

The easiest (and cheapest) advice for a small room is to keep it simple. Put away any clutter or extra items sitting on the shelves, counters and tables. Too many decorations and knick-knacks makes the room appear busy and smaller. This goes for wall art too. Have some empty space on walls to brighten up areas. 

Keeping it simple can sometimes even mean getting rid of drapes. You want your space to have the maximum amount of natural light possible, and drapes can mess with the amount of light coming in by blocking windows. If drapes are a must-have for you, then opt for lighter, airy fabrics that still allow light through. Make sure to hang them as high as you can while still having them touch the floor. This pulls the eye upwards, lengthening your wall.

Overall, a small space isn’t the end of the world. Play around with these tips and it’ll be sure to open up any space. For more home décor inspiration, please reach out to us or visit our Pinterest page @livingflr

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