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Is It Smart To Try and Sell Your Home During the Holidays?

Thursday, December 8, 2022   /   by Ana Baldner

Is It Smart To Try and Sell Your Home During the Holidays?

Listing your home during the holidays may seem counterintuitive. The holidays are a time when work seems to slow down, but this is the reason it’s a smart decision. Listing in December means you have a great shot at selling high and buying low.

 People who look for a home during the holidays are more serious buyers. They want to get deals done & fast and are more likely to make serious offers. Since there are fewer houses to choose from now and less competition, that means more money for you.

Houses often show better when decorated for the holidays. Buyers are also more emotional during the holidays and more likely to pay your price. They are looking for a home, and holiday decorations tend to make properties look more welcoming and bright!

 Buyers also have more time to look for a home during the holidays. Many people are in town on vacation, take time off work, and finally have extra time to seriously look for their new home or vacation property. Making sure your home is on the market and available for these buyers to see can make a huge difference. In addition some people must buy before year-end for tax reasons, putting them in a time crunch. 

With the new year beginning soon, January is typically when many employees begin new jobs! If a buyer is relocating for this reason, they probably can’t afford to wait till spring to buy their new home. To help you capture one of these buyers that are extremely motivated to buy, your home should be on the market now!

If you decide to wait, some new obstacles may pop up in January. Come the new year, everyone who was waiting to list their home will finally put it on the market. This means an increase in competition from other homes and less competitive offers from buyers.

Overall, remember that listing during the holidays doesn't have to mean a big disruption to your festivities! Your home can still be listed for sale, but restrict showings to days convenient for you. 

If you do end up selling your home now, you can always negotiate a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early in January. Come January, when there are more houses on the market, you can buy for lower, as there are more options available for buyers. This will allow you to sell high and buy low. Just imagine starting off the new year in your dream home!

If you're thinking about listing, or just want an idea of how much you could list for, give us a call! We know the process of buying a home can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but you are not alone! We can help you learn more about the process, what to expect, and how to set you up for success.

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