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Living by the Beach: What you need to know

Monday, July 13, 2020   /   by Ali Sarno

Living by the Beach: What you need to know

When you think about living by the beach- you think sun kissed tan, beach everyday, a solid summer playlist, and if you’re lucky, an ice cold beverage (in hand), while enjoying time with family or friends… Am I close?   

It is pretty amazing to live by the seashore but there are some things you want to take into consideration when you decide to make this INCREDIBLE move...

Expect a lot of company!! Everyone (friends and family) will figure out a way to come visit you. So prepare yourself with additional blankets, space for guests to sleep, enough kitchenware and if you haven’t invested in one yet, you’re going to want a grill. It will make up for a messy kitchen.  Also, do some research on those local hot spots so that way you can take a break from entertaining and show them around your new town. 

While the beach may be good for the soul, it is not always good for outdoor furniture. Salt buildup is corrosive to metal objects so being mindful of what items you have outside is important to prevent them from getting destroyed. 

Do your very best to maintain your yard! With all the rain we get, things can get out of control and you don’t want to fall behind when you are trying to enjoy your Florida Lifestyle. Consistent weeding and lawn care is necessary. You may want to consider a lawn service!

There are (different) critters here in Florida that you don’t want in your yard or entering your house. So it’s important you find a pest control to get ahead of it. Also, If you have a dog, you’re going to want to be mindful of their allergies, especially if you’re relocating them from out of state. Fleas and ticks are also here so getting your yard sprayed for that will be a must.

You may think you’ve adapted to the sunshine but your skin might take a beating for it. Don’t wait until you get burned- put sunscreen on. Having a variety of SPF lotion in your house is necessary.

Last but certainly not least, always be prepared for a rainstorm. Florida weather can be sunny at one moment and pouring the next. Also, it can contribute to mosquito's. Make sure you have spray and citronella candles handy for if you need them. 

Well that’s all I have for now… There may be a thing or two I am missing from this list but it’s a good starting point for you. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your new Florida Lifestyle :)

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