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Moving in 2021

Wednesday, June 9, 2021   /   by Flr Team

Moving in 2021

With today’s housing market being as crazy as it is, homeowners are feeling more rushed than ever. Homes are closing much faster which in return creates an overwhelming rush to get things packed up and ready to move. We connected with Dan from Tropic Moving in Melbourne, FL about how his recent experience has been with clients lately. 

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Here are a few of his most commonly asked questions:

In this current housing market, what is it like for someone to get a mover? 

A lot of clients are calling before they even list the property as they anticipate the process will move fast.

How far out do they need to schedule a mover from Tropic Moving? 

The end of the month is a more hectic time and depending on how large or small the move is can determine that. It would be best to book with them a couple days to a week in advance. But it all depends on the move.

Is there any prepping the clients should do to ensure a seamless moving experience?

Tropic Moving can come out and do everything for you. They will pack everything up and get it to your next destination. But for those who want to pack their own items, executing that prior to their arrival will help create a smooth process for the movers that day.

For more details on Tropics Moving, check out their website below. 


If you have more questions about moving, please feel free to reach out to us directly or call Dan yourself at (321)604-0555.

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