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November Check List

Thursday, November 3, 2022   /   by Ana Baldner

November Check List

The Holidays are right around the corner! This season always seems to pass by super fast. It's important to get ahead of the curve and get things done early so you can actually enjoy the family gatherings. 

Here are some tasks to throw on your to-do list this month to prepare your home:

Replace floor protectors on chairs 

Don't let your holiday parties mean damage for your hardwood floors. Check the legs of your dining chairs, tables and barstools to see if their floor protecting pads need to be replaced. These can come as self-adhesive or nail-in. If you use self-adhesive, make sure to clean off the base of each foot and let it dry before applying it.

Check stairs and railings for safety 

Holidays usually mean a lot of movement and gatherings in your home. Take a walk around your home's exterior and interior walkway and look for any repairs you may want to tend to. Pay special attention to walkways, stairs, floorboards and railings. 

Get a jump on holiday prep

If you're planning to have a special holiday meal, take a bit of time to prepare in advance so you're not stressed out at the last second. Launder and iron the linens or take inventory of any extra plate settings or serving dishes you may need to get. 

Deep clean bathrooms 

Aim to schedule a deep cleaning of the bathroom so a quick wipe-down is all you'll need to do when the holidays show up.

Check bathrooms for any need of caulk repair

While deep-cleaning the bathroom, make sure to take note of any caulk repairs you need to do. Any cracked or worn out caulk could mean water damage if it seeps into your home’s framing. Determine any plumbing issues before the holiday surge.

Start decorating for the holidays!

November is here, time to exchange those jack-o-lanterns and spiderwebs for more winter inspired décor! Change out candles for winter scents and flowers for snowflakes and pinecones.

Pick a few of these to do each weekend, and you'll be stress free when it comes time for your HoliDay parties!

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