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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Wednesday, February 2, 2022   /   by Flr Team

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s about honoring your strongest relationships and celebrating love of all forms. Instead of buying chocolates and greeting cards, have you considered picking up something special for your home?

We know you love your home with all it’s little quirks and details, colorful accents and personalized decor. Your home makes you feel all giddy when it’s spic and span, smelling wonderful. And you definitely perk up when your friends comment “beautiful home” on a photo you just shared of your newest home renovation.

Your home has been a warm, comfy abode inside when it gets chilly, and a place to cool down when it’s freakishly hot out. It lets you blast your music as loud as you want with no judgment, and has stayed by your side when things may have gotten rough (or sheltered you from a pandemic).

Maybe you don’t love your home as much as others. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight when you drove up to your home with your REALTOR. Maybe you first connected on a website and the photos weren’t that appealing, but you gave it a shot anyway. Or maybe you liked a different home at the time, but took the chance and learned to love your second choice. No relationship is perfect, but you worked together and your bond got stronger.

Your home has probably worked overtime this past year or two trying to meet your needs, becoming an office or classroom, a gym, hosting virtual happy hours, and a place of comfort when going out was uncomfortable. Your home has always been there for you, so why not make your darling abode your Valentine? 

Think about your relationship with your home this Valentine’s Day. Reflect on how long you’ve lived together, your favorite things about it, and what projects you might want to accomplish with it next. Give it a gift it will love, whether it’s a fresh bouquet of flowers or a new doormat. Your home has always been there for you and will always take care of you. Just remember to take care of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your home!