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Tips For Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Gathering

Tuesday, December 7, 2021   /   by Flr Team

Tips For Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Gathering

If this is your first time hosting family or friends in your new home for the holidays, you may be wondering how you’re going to pull it off amidst all the meal planning, inviting guests and readying your home in festive decor. Here are a few tips for hosting a stress-free gathering:

Make a game plan

Pretend your event is a few days before. Set your table several days in advance, clean the house, get beverages in order, and round up extra dining chairs. 

Lay out platters with serving forks and spoons with a note on each that says what will go where. You might realize you don’t have a crucial piece, and some guests may like to help serve. This will shave off the time that it would’ve taken them from searching through all the cabinets.

Pick a serving setup

Determine your serving style before you choose a menu. If you don’t have a large dining table, opt for a buffet. On the other hand, if you do have a large table, this can cut down on elaborate decorations, as the beautiful platters of food will be the “wow” factor.

If you’re planning on serving beverages, set up the bar in advance with a big ice bucket, wine that has been uncorked, mixers and garnishes, or sometimes just one specialty cocktail is enough alongside sparkling water, fruit juices and seltzers.

The Menu

If cooking is not your thing, many restaurants now offer takeout as an option for entertaining, and some have specific holiday dinner dishes that you can take home.

If there is a local restaurant that you know makes delicious roasted chicken or leg of lamb, buy it from there and just focus on making the sides. It takes the pressure off of you.

Bottom line, don’t do things that aren’t fun for you. If you’re not a baker, don’t bake dessert. If there’s a main dish you love to make, make that.

Decorate your house in your own style

Add small touches to your home whether it’s place cards made by the kids or having chocolate party favors. A house doesn’t have to be perfect or completely done for it to feel festive. Start with some seasonal greenery and pair it with gold, silver or bronze. Play up your everyday white plates with cloth napkins and lots of candles. 

Build in time for self-care

It’s important to not neglect yourself. Pick your outfit ahead of time, and two hours before guests arrive, drop everything and get yourself ready. You don’t want to answer the door with wet hair, and no one wants to see a stressed-out host.

After your gathering is over, you deserve a reward for all of your hard work. Treat yourself to a massage or start your next morning with a walk. But then again, maybe you just want to crawl under a blanket and binge watch your favorite show. 

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