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You can still secure a low mortgage rate on your next home

Monday, May 10, 2021   /   by Flr Team

You can still secure a low mortgage rate on your next home

Are you one of the many people eager to list your house for sale to purchase your next dream home? If you are nodding yes, then read on to find out why right now is the best time to secure a low mortgage rate that will be great for you. 

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Mortgage rates this year have started to slowly climb above the recent record-breaking lows. Most homeowners who are planning to move, may have felt like they missed the chance to score a great rate on their next mortgage but honestly, there is still time to secure a good rate below the historic norm. 

Here’s why:

With rates taking a slight dip over the past two weeks and inventory of homes for sale remaining low, homeowners today are sitting in the optimal seat to sell. What’s the advantage of selling your home now? Securing a low mortgage rate on your next home. While also having a huge market full of home buyers. A lot of buyers are trying to secure the lowest rate possible, but it's important to remember that today’s rates are still much lower than the historical norm. 

Bottom line- If you’re thinking of moving, don’t miss the opportunity to secure an awesome rate on your next home mortgage. Contact one of our Real Estate Professionals today so they help get your home ready to sell and find the perfect home for you while mortgage rates are still low. 

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